Brixton Knight

(Graphic novel 120 pages 2005)

You can download a pdf for free here!

Bashti, young energetic cleaning woman, is tired of cleaning the London Museum. Also, she isn’t keen on the marriage her debt ridden uncle arranged for her on the other side of the planet. She is keen on dressing up, the clubbing scene and the music of the “Chemical Brothers”.

That’s why she decides to run away one night.

And so an adventure starts, including Truman the bike courier and member of an ancient order of knights, mud fights, stage diving, asian wise men, prostitutes with pop star ambitions, rockers dressed up as Indians, sheep attacks,nights in the open, skinny dipping in lakes, arrogant transvestites, preachers in white tennis socks, mermaids, passionate lovemaking on a summer night, being chased naked through Epping forest and cooking magic mushrooms.

And trust me, the list doesn’t end here.

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