“Moscow Festival of Light” (2015) 12k building projection, VFX supervisor for Drive productions

The 19,099 square metre show, titled ‘Light Discoveries’, was projected on to the surface of The Ministry of Defence in the Russian capital, taking the Guinness World record for largest projection. The projection was formed by 142 digital projectors across six towers, providing five levels of projection across the 370-metre facade – which is over six times the width and twice the height of London department store Harrods.”

I worked as a VFX supervisor for the lovely people at Drive productions. Theme of the 6:30min piece is the history and future of electricity.

My tasks:

-recruiting teams of artists

-setting up production pipelines

-storyboarding and previs

-supervising green screen elements

-hands on 2d and 3d post

-post supervising

Video of the event

Behind the scenes