Christian Jelen
Christian Jelen

Christian Jelen

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SOFTWARE: Maya, After FX, Nuke, Zbrush, Photoshop, Unity 3d

SKILLS: Illustration, Mattepainting, On Set supervising,Animation

This info about me was recently used in a pitch:

“Christian Jelen trained as Graphic Designer in the North of Germany and started working as a rostrum cameraman and compositing artist some 20 years ago. At the time he mainly worked on broadcast design and commercials for clients like MTV Europe,  RTL and large European post production houses like “Das Werk”.
In 1998 he moved to London, now also working with motion control, animatronics and CG. Some of his credits include ”The Pirates!” for Aardman animation, “Sherlock Holmes-a game of shadows!” for Guy Ritchie, Jim Henson’s “Mirrormask”, ”Game of thrones” for HBO, Alex Garland’s “Dredd” and the BBC’s “Fight for life” (BAFTA Best Visual Effects 2008). He was also involved in music videos like the Gorillaz’s “Slow boat to Hades”, the Corrs “Long night”, and tour graphics for “Take That ” and “Aerosmith”.
As a vfx supervisor he worked on shows like “Spirit Warriors” (CBBC) , Death in holy orders (BBC) companies like “Prime Focus”and the feature film “4321”, plus VR films and building projections.
Christian brings in his rich background in various disciplines: illustration, on set supervision, 2d- and 3d post, a skill for stylised and photo real visual effects, combined with a strong sense for practical solutions.”

Upcoming projects:

“Disney’s Aladdin” (release 2019)
(Senior pre- and postviz artist for Proof)

“Robot 2.0” (release May2018)
(VFX supervisor for Unit.tv)

Check out this title sequence I directed for the TV series “Goldrush”(s09)

FEATURE FILMS (selected)

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them“, or simply Fantastic Beasts, is an upcoming 2016 British fantasy action film by J. K. Rowling as her screenwriting debut and inspired by Rowling’s book of the same name. A spin-off/prequel of the Harry Potter film series and directed by David Yates, the film will be the first installment of a trilogy. Rowling is also producing the film alongside David Heyman, Steve Kloves, and Lionel Wigram.”(From Wiki)
(Senior previz artist for Nvizage)

“Life”The six-member crew of the International Space Station are tasked with studying a sample from Mars that may be the first proof of extra-terrestrial life, which proves more intelligent than ever expected.”(From Wiki)
(Senior previz artist for Nvizage)

The Pirates! In an adventure with scientists” 06-12/2011

Maya Generalist, previs artist and Nuke compositor for Aardman animations

Previs of showdown sequence at end of the movie, Cloud point data and on set photography, Stereoscopic Nuke compositing of Cg elements, Fluid simulations, modelling, texturing and shading in Mudbox and Renderman

Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows”, Dredd06-12/2010

Senior previz artist for “Destroy all monsters”

Responsible for designing key sequences of the film using Maya and Motionbuilder

“4321” 01-03/2010

VFX supervisor for Warner Brothers

Recruiting team, setting up production pipelines, supervising and delivering postproduction of 40 shots

Stephen King’s 1408” 03-07/2007
Lead Artist for The Senate

Designing, modeling, texturing, lighting, mental ray rendering various photo realistic environments

White Noise” 06-10/2007

Lead artist for Stargate Digital
Supervise production teams of 3D-animators, determining creative, logistical and technical solutions throughout the entire production pipeline. Recruiting team. Designing Characters.

Responsible for key/highly-skilled hands-on CG, character animation. Senior ability in modelling, rigging, texturing, shading and lighting of sophisticated 3D creatures, scenarios and environments.

Dave McKean‘s Mirror Mask” 06/2006-06/2007
Senior Maya Artist for Jim Henson

Senior Maya Artist responsible for 4 sequences/10 min of the movie, including environments and characters

“Midden in de Winternacht (A Christmoose story)” 05-09/2013

Lead artist for Filmmore Brussels

Modeling, texturing, rigging, animating a moose

TV (selected)

Game of Thrones” 06-12/2010 – Previz Artist, Destroy all monsters

Snow Queen” 01-06/2005 Maya Lead, Intro/BBC

Plan Man” – 05-08/2003 Senior Compositing Artist, ITV

Journey to the edge of the Universe” 03-09/2008 – Maya Artist, National Geographic

The Future is Wild” – 01-06/2002 Compositing Artist, 422/Discovery

Death in Holy Orders” – 01-06/2003 VFX supervisor, BBC

Wave of Death” – 01/199 -01/2000 VFX supervisor, SAT 1

Spirit Warriors” – 03-2008-03/2009 VFX supervisor,10×30 min TV series for CBBC

Hands on VFX supervisor, bidding, script breakdown, storyboarding, directing VFX and miniature elements, hands on 2d and 3d post, recruiting and supervising team of 30 artists, delivering 1100 shots including comps combining live action, miniatures and mattepaintings, cg body doubles, cg creatures (including lipsync), fluid and particle effects

MUSIC VIDEOS (selected)

Aerosmith tour graphics” 02-03/2004 – Concept Artist, Punk Films

Take That tour graphics” 03/2006- Senior Maya Artist, Absolute Post

Gorillaz-Slowboat to Hades” 01-06/2006- Senior Maya Artist, Zombie Flesh Eaters

The Corrs “Long night” -03/2004 VFX supervisor, On set supervising motion control

Stereoscopic, fulldome, 360 projects, projections on buildings (selected)

The Pirates! In an adventure with scientists” Sequence TD, Aardman Animation 06-12/2011

Future Town” 06/2013-03/2014 Senior Maya?3dMAx Generalist/Concept artsist,NSC creative

Quindao” 04-2014 Senior Maya Generalist/Concept artist ,Atomic arts

Moscow Festival of Light”,05-08/2015 Vfx supervisor, Drive productions

Audi A4”,08-11/2015 Vfx supervisor, Topalsson Gmbh


Black” – 06/2006 Concept Artist, EA

BBC Jam” 07-09 2006 – Designer and Maya Lead (BAFTA nomination), Gamelab

XXX – Concept Artist, Evolution studios

The Dalai Lama “A path to happiness for young minds” 01/2014 01/2015 – Unity artist/illustrator, Hayhouse Books

COMMERCIALS (selected)

Domestos, Asian cup, Nokia, EMI, Sony Xperia, Vodaphone, KPM, Condor


Fox Sports redesign 2014” – 07-09 2014 Animation, Concept art for CREATIVE WORKS

Who do you think you are” 07-09 2011 – BBC

Random acts of kindness” – 01-06/1998 MTV

“London 2012 Olympic titles” 03-08 /2012 for Crystal /BBC

RTL 2, Super RTL, Viva 1, Viva 2” 1994-1998 Original station design


Elroy” – Consultancy, modeling, rigging, Ben Lock HP/Southwest

Forest Clearing” – Consultancy, modeling, rigging, S.Robson/Channel 4 Animate scheme

Penguin in a Pickle/Life Earth”Modelling, Texturing, Lighting) for Airside


Ice Planet 2001 (TV series) (H5b5)

The Biggest Step 2001(TV series) (H5b5)

Fight for Life 2007 (TV series) (Jellyfish/BBC) BAFTA best VFX

Mogadishu (2012 TV series) (MPR)

Chuggington 2012-2013 (TV series) (Ludorum)

Brian Cox’s “Wonders of life” 2013 (TV Series) (PrimeFocus)

Wolfblood 2013 (PrimeFocus)

Aliens versus wizards 2013 (Lumiere)

Bing Bunny2015 Hands on consulting (ACAMAR films/CBBC)


Citylit Instute (2012), Westminster University (2014), London Metropolitan University(2013-2014), Filmhochschule Nurnberg (2002-2005)

Other Clients Include:



Fluent in English, French and German