Christian Jelen
Christian Jelen

Christian Jelen

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Christian Jelen, I am a London based freelance VFX supervisor, Previz artist and Maya Generalist. I recently finished supervising a 6 part National geographic TV Series “Eye Witness” for Atomic Arts. In 2019 I also helped MPC with pre- and tech-vis for Cruella, Little Mermaid and Cats.

With nearly 3 decades of practical film production experience, I have witnessed the growth of visual effects from the traditional special effects techniques to today’s digital effects.

I have extensive experience across various disciplines including Animation, Design, Compositing, 3d, On Set Supervising and Directing. In the past I have also successfully helped my clients with script breakdowns, scheduling and recruiting.

Contact me at jc (at) jayceee (dot)com

Download my Cv here.

Upcoming projects:

“Disney’s Cruella” (release 2020)

(Senior pre- and postviz artist for MPC)

“Disney’s Little Mermaid” (release May2021)

(Senior previz artist for MPC)

Check out this title sequence I directed for the TV series “Goldrush”(s09)