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Christian Jelen
Christian Jelen

Christian Jelen

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Christian Jelen, I am a London based freelance VFX supervisor, Cinematic artist and Maya Generalist.

Recent projects include working as a VP supervisor for the CT/Arri Stage in London and joining the Epic Unreal Virtual Production Fellowship, including directing a short film. I also worked on pre- and postproduction of the PlayStation 5 game “Horizon Forbidden West”.  

I have worked as a Vfx supervisor, pre- and post vis artist for various Disney, National Geographic and Netflix productions in the past.

With nearly three decades of practical film production experience, I have witnessed the growth of visual effects from the traditional special effects techniques to today’s digital effects and real time graphics. I have extensive experience across various disciplines including Animation, Design, Compositing, 3d, On Set Supervising and Directing. In the past I have also successfully helped my clients with script breakdowns, scheduling and recruiting.

“Christian naturally has an extremely positive outlook to life which is also reflected in his work. He is super friendly, very patient and extremely humble which makes him a pleasure to work with.”

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