A trained Graphic Designer, I started off as a traditional animator, rostrum cameraman and compositor using Quantel Paintbox and Harry, mainly working in Tv Design and commercials in Germany. Around 1998 I added Motion Control to my skill set and started directing animated shorts for MTV. 

In 2000, I decided to move to London, sharing an office with Uli Meyer animation. Very soon I picked up the first Beta Version of Maya and started to work mainly on TV and feature films. Working as a 3d artist, Vfx supervisor and animator for companies like Jim Henson, Aaardman animation and the BBC,I built up a rich, varied experience of the filmmaking process. 

Clients like Proof, Framestore or MPC use me very often at the start of big projects, like Aladdin, Cruella, The Little Mermaid or Game of Thrones to figure out the most complex and costly sequences. Working on set, with the head of departments, I help figure out creative solutions for the best results.

During the pandemic I had the pleasure to work as an animation lead for Playstation Studios London and Guerilla games on the “Horizon Forbidden West” franchise, responsible for preparing the cinematic sequences and consulting on the set of the Motion Capture shoot.

Shortly after I finished the Epic Games Unreal fellowship that led to freelance Virtual Production roles, for example at The Arri/CT stage in London. 

30 years in the industry led to a strong network of collaborative relationships with many international freelance artists and companies. I use this network  to set up or compliment production pipelines for my clients, like for this cinematic trailer for RD content, where I designed an animation pipeline based on Unreal Engine, helped recruiting the team and supervised the production.